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A Quick Bite » Blog Archive » Donuts are more fattening than chicken – true or false?

Donuts are more fattening than chicken – true or false?

Written by amy on August 23rd, 2012

   False. Donuts do contain more fat than chicken but it is the calories, not the fat content that determines if the food is fattening or not.  Any calories (energy) eaten beyond the amount needed by the body are saved by the body. The body stores excess calories (energy) in the form of body fat.  Body fat is, in essence, the body’s rainy day fund.  So, if you eat 100 calories of donuts or 100 calories of chicken and these are 100 more calories than your body burns, the 100 calories are turned to fat.  Dietary fat does provide more calories (energy) per gram, thus making foods high in fat high in calories as well and more likely to tip your energy balance toward
weight gain.


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