Grocery Store Sticker Shock, Part 2

Written by amy on April 10th, 2013

Tip #3 Approach rising food costs differently. Paying more for quality food may help prevent paying money to the doctor. Consider this – Americans spend the least amount of their income on food yet spend the highest amount of their income on medicine compared to other countries. Is there a relationship? Instead of trying to spend less money on lower quality food, save money elsewhere and in ways that may create healthier habits as an added bonus. Save gas money or transportation costs by walking or biking for short errands. Look for free entertainment outdoors and spend less time in front of the TV or computer, thereby decreasing electricity bills.

Tip #4 Bulk doesn’t necessarily mean better. You may get a great price on that crate of avocados at Costco but it will still be a waste of money if you have to throw away half a crate of rotten avocados that weren’t eaten. Avoid buying more than you need to prevent wasting money and food. Buying in quantity may be a better option if the food can be frozen (meats, butter, bread) or stored in the evident that it isn’t used (canned goods).


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