Grocery Store Sticker Shock

Written by amy on April 3rd, 2013

  The term “sticker shock” was originally coined to describe shock felt about the price of a car.  These days, sticker shock is being felt more at the grocery store than at the car dealership.  A common excuse for not eating healthier is that it costs more money to eat healthy.  So, each week for the next few weeks, I’ll offer a few suggestions that may help bring down that grocery bill.   

 Tip #1 Eat when you are actually hungry. This may sound like a “duh” to you but a lot of eating occurs when people are not actually in need of food.  For example, chucking down two dollars for a cup of coffee – is that a habit or physical hunger?  If you must have a cup of coffee, making it at home saves cash.  Eating the bag of chips while watching a show at night – physical hungry or mindless eating?  Food lasts longer in the household if eaten only when someone is physically hungry.  Same goes for meal times.  Slow down at meals and you don’t actually need that second helping of food. Use the apple test (see Quick Bite from November 2010) as one way to help differentiate physical hunger from other types of hunger. If you would like more information, email me at

Tip #2 Take stock before you shop.  After creating your menu for the week, peek through the pantry and fridge before heading to the grocery store to prevent duplication and waste.


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