Ummmmm, snacks

Written by amy on September 10th, 2013

homer snacks  Most kids often get ¼ of their diet from snacks. That’s enough to make snacks count essentially as a fourth meal so its important to make those snacks as nutritious as possible.  Unfortunately, most snacks are desserts, sugary drinks, salty foods or simply heavily processed nutritional duds.  Start a snick-snack-paddy-whack revolution and fuel your kids up with foods that will help them perform better in school, sports, and life!

Dazzle it – Sometimes fancy packaging is enough to excite kids about a healthy snack.  Get creative!

  • Fill muffin cups with pistachios and dried cranberries.
  • Put popcorn in a brown lunch bag that you have decorated with stickers and drawings or messages.

Wrap it

  • Spread nut butter on whole wheat tortilla or flatbread and sprinkle with strawberries, bananas, or peaches on one third of the wrap before rolling.
  • Combine hummus and shredded carrots on rolled flatbread.
  • Fill small tortilla with variety of diced and shredded vegetables and a small dab of dressing.

Dip it

  • Mix taco seasoning into plain yogurt and serve with cut up veggie strips.
  • Serve baked tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip.
  • Try olive tapenade or pesto as a dip or sandwich spread to expose your child to different tastes.  For a less-intense dip, mix it will plain yogurt or low fat sour cream.

Mix it – To ease the transition to healthier snacks, mix a little bit of less health with the more healthy.

  • Create a trail mix of chocolate chips or broken cookies to nuts, dried fruit, and whole grain cereal.
  • Send a plain or vanilla yogurt with mini chocolate chips and sliced strawberries.



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