What’s Amy eating?

Written by amy on August 20th, 2013

I haven’t posted much in this category in the last few weeks, leaving some perhaps to wonder,  is Amy eating anything?  A better question to ask might be, why is Amy being so lazy, because it is in fact laziness – and not a new fad diet in which no food is consumed after 4pm – to blame for the lack of blog activity.  And the reason for this laziness, my curious and most questioning readers might next ask, is because its summertime! Woo hoo!  A time for lazy summer evenings on a deck with friends. A time for late arrivals back home after squeezing in a quick dip after a long, hot day.  A time for eschewing the computer so that there is more time to chase fireflies with the kids.

Summertime is also one of my favorite times because it is a time for fresh-picked goodness from the garden.  Many items from tonight’s dinner came from our garden or kitchen – shockingly, not the shrimp.

Tonight’s menu:

Grilled shrimp

Coconut-ginger carrots (from Mollie Katzen’s cookbook, The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without)


Green salad with golden and red beets, snap peas, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes

Sliced fresh peaches and blueberries





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