4 Tips for Picky Vegetable Eaters

Written by amy on July 3rd, 2012

1. Tempt the senses.  Vegetable by itself might not be very appealing but add a little something to it and your child may be more likely to
try it.  Steamed cauliflower – boring.  Steamed cauliflower topped with melted shredded cheese – more appealing.  Strawberries – boring.
Strawberries with a small bowl of melted chocolate chips for dipping – more appealing.

2. Be a good role model. Make sure your child sees you enjoying fruits and vegetables often at meals and snacks throughout the day.  Showing
them how to eat healthier can be a lot less stressful than lecturing them about being a healthy eater.

3. Offer them a choice.  Letting them have a say in what fruit or vegetable is served can often increase their acceptance.  Do you want
watermelon or strawberries or both?  Do you want carrots or broccoli or both?

4. Offer foods over and over again. Don’t take one “I don’t like it” as proof that they don’t like a food.  The first response to a new food,
regardless of what it is, is often “no” for many kids. Try the same food in different ways.  For example, a potato can be baked, mashed, roasted,
shredded, and more.


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