Getting juiced

Written by amy on January 4th, 2012

  In the spirit of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, it’s time for a “did you know” about orange juice. Have you ever wondered how orange juice that according to the label is “fresh squeezed”, “100% pure” and “not from concentrate” can taste exactly the same bottle to bottle?  Certainly no two oranges have the same consistent taste. Turns out, that consistent flavor in most commercial orange juice is the result of a “secret flavor packet” that is not required by law to be listed on the label.

The making of orange juice goes more or less like this:  Once picked, oranges are shipped to be processed, i.e. squeezed and the juice pasteurized.  Then, the juice is either turned into frozen concentrate or put into storage tanks where it is held for up to a year.  During this time, much of the flavor and aroma is lost.  Therefore, when the juice leaves the storage tanks, manufacturers add a flavor pack before bottling, which is derived from orange byproducts.  Many premium orange juice brands, including Tropicana, Minute Maid, Simply Natural, and Florida Natural, have been using these packets for years to createtheir brand’s unique and consistent taste.

And now, I dub thee an informed consumer.



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