Dinner Grab Bag

Written by amy on May 29th, 2013

man reaching into grab bag Here’s a way to get out of that dinner slump, in which you find yourself serving up the same 7 meals on a weekly rotation and hearing complaints from the kids because they don’t like what’s for dinner.  Create a recipe grab bag and solve those dinnertime blues.  First, write down each meal you can think of on small, individual sheet of paper.  Consider also writing down “new recipe” or “dinner out” as well on extra sheets of paper.  Next, gather all slips of paper and place them into a bag or bowl.  Recipe grab bag is complete.  Now, each Sunday night, have family members take turns drawing a slip of paper from the bag and (ta-da!) the meals have been chosen for the week. I like to add a drum roll when the kids are drawing slips – give a touch more jazz to the event, like adding sprinkles to ice cream. Consider drawing only 5 meals out to leave days open for leftovers.  Add new ideas to the grab bag over time and soon your dinner grab bag will be chock-a-buck full of ideas. 


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