Legalize it

Written by amy on September 16th, 2012

    Peter Tosh once sang a song entitled, Legalize It, and while he himself may not have been referring to anything related to nutrition, the term itself does illustrate a key concept to healthy eating. 

All foods have a place in a healthy diet.  There are no “good”foods, no “bad” foods, no “forbidden” foods.  Some foods have more nutrients and should be eaten more often, and  there are some foods that have less nutrients and should be eaten less often.  But all foods are “legal.” Having “illegal”, forbidden foods, often results in the attachment of feelings to food.  For example, if all foods are ok, there is no reason to feel guilty for eating a “bad” food or disappointment from eating foods that aren’t “treats.”  Eating a forbidden food may become alluring and extra exciting to a child and make that food very valuable.  When feelings become attached to food, physical hunger becomes muddled with emotional hunger.
Teach your children the basics – eat when hungry, stop when full.  Let them eat unhealthy foods every once is a while. Legalizing it is not the same as encouraging it.


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