Nutrition Rule #1

Written by amy on September 5th, 2010

There are a number of core concepts that form the basis of a healthy relationship with food.   The first important rule is that there are no forbidden foods.  Key to be healthy is the frequency with which certain foods are eaten.  Foods range from the absolute most nutritious to the absolute least nutritious.  All foods fall within this range and can be included in the diet.  The more often you and your family choose foods towards the end of most nutritious foods, the healthier the diet will be.  Even though you may cringe at the thought of your child eating certain foods (picture a greasy fried Twinkie at the Addison Fair), reassure yourself that it is the overall quality of the diet that matters.  Also, keep in mind that healthy eating includes the actual foods eaten as well as the emotions tied to the foods eaten or not eaten.  Having certain foods that are forbidden to be eaten can increase the attraction and draw of these foods.


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